“Stay Tuned for Live Updates: Seahawks Ahead of Giants as the Fourth Quarter Unfolds on Monday Night Football!”

Excitement fills the air as the New York Giants (1-2) gear up to take on the Seattle Seahawks (2-1) at MetLife Stadium this Monday, October 2, 2023. With the Seahawks holding a slight edge, favored by 2.5 points, the game promises nail-biting moments. Before you dive into the live betting action, we’ve compiled all the essential stats and insights for your in-game bets.

First Quarter:
The Seahawks have displayed mixed results in the opening quarter, trailing once and tying twice. Their offense averages 4.3 points, while the defense concedes 5.7 points on average. The Giants have varied experiences, winning once, trailing once, and tying once in the first quarter.

Second Quarter:
Seattle’s second quarter performance has been consistent, scoring an average of 6.3 points offensively and conceding 5.7 points defensively. In contrast, the Giants have faced challenges, being outscored in all three second quarters.

Third Quarter:
Seattle has won two third quarters this season, scoring an impressive 6.7 points while allowing 5.7 points on defense. The Giants have a mixed record in the third quarter, winning twice and being outscored once.

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Fourth Quarter:
Seattle’s fourth-quarter offense shines, averaging 7.3 points, although they’ve lost this quarter twice this season. Giants, on the other hand, have faced struggles, losing twice and outscoring their opponent once in the final quarter.

Half-By-Half Scoring Trends:
At halftime, the Seahawks have experienced both victories and defeats, with an even split in their record. The Giants, however, have been tied once and behind twice at halftime.

As you prepare for this thrilling matchup, consider these insights to enhance your betting experience. Remember, not all offers are available in every state, so check BetMGM for the latest promotions in your area. Have fun, and may the winning team be the best!🏈🔥

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